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Create intelligent systems that learn and improve based on data.
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Make personalized recommendations based on thousands of data points.
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Identify trends and seasonality in your data to predict future outcome.
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Make your business processes faster, more reliable, and cost-efficient.
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Automate the identification of objects from large volumes of images.
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Analyze large volumes of text for high value business intelligence.
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Use cases

Artificial Intelligence in Aviation and Travel

The world’s leading airlines use artificial intelligence to improve operational efficiency, avoid costly mistakes, and increase customer satisfaction. Machine learning possibilities include fleet & operations management, development of autonomous machines and processes, and predicting the passenger behavior.

Artificial Intelligence in Telecom Business

Telecom operators use machine learning to improve customer satisfaction and increase network reliability. To name a few, telecoms can benefit from predictive modelling, process analysis, fraud detection, churn prediction, and dynamic resource allocation.

AI in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Business

There are many potential use cases for AI in the pharmaceuticals and healthcare industry, ranging from patient treatment to facilitating the R&D process. Machine learning algorithms’ ability to analyze large sets of data and discover meaningful patterns makes it a perfect match for the pharma industry.

Artificial Intelligence in Finance and Banking

From algorithmic trading to customer retention, big players in finance sector are using AI to gain competitive advantage. AI can bring value across automated portfolio management, products recommendations, risk assessment, fraud detection, image recognition, and much more.

Artificial Intelligence in Retail and eCommerce

AI is probably the biggest opportunity companies have in current technology disruption. AI has come to stay and it's just starting to change the way companies do business. Unsure of how and where to invest to generate the greatest returns, most retailers have not taken advantage of what AI has to offer. Waiting is not a winning option. Retailers must dive into AI's full potential to survive in the next five years.


Mailiis Ploomann,

Head of Telecom Services, Elisa

“MindTitan has been Elisa’s partner in developing several AI-powered solutions. What we value most about MindTitan is their enthusiasm about bringing maximum business value for Elisa by using the full potential of our data. From consultation to the presentation of a completed solution, the team always delivers on promises.”

cleveron logo



“Cleveron’s team partnered with MindTitan to make our robots even smarter. Their team has shown a lot of resilience and energy in working with our data to turn ideas into useful applications. We recommend MindTitan to anyone across the world looking to improve their products with machine learning and AI.”

meetfrank logo

Kaarel Holm,

CEO & Co-Founder, MeetFrank

“Guys at MindTitan have helped us enhance MeetFrank’s algorithms and automate a bunch of manual work, taking the product to another level.

We’re definitely seeing this as a long-term partnership, where we constantly explore ways to use different machine learning techniques so that MeetFrank would do things no one else does in the hiring space.”

Mariana Hagström,

CEO & Co-Founder, Avokaado

“We turned to MindTitan to create a data flywheel – the more data add, the better our product becomes.  In our case, the more contracts the Avokaado platform processes, the more automagical the process of drawing up and structuring contracts becomes.”

Marten Kaevats,

National Digital Advisor, Republic of Estonia Government

“MindTitan is involved in shaping the long-term strategy for Estonia, giving an expert opinion about AI capabilities and possibilities for multiple public sector organizations and being a partner for developing the defined AI use cases.”


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