About us

MindTitan was founded to help companies understand and apply artificial intelligence. We’re specialized in developing custom AI and machine learning solutions

Meet our team

All MindTitan's team members have a background in data science and machine learning. Your AI projects are in good hands.

Kristjan Jansons

Co-founder, CEO

Kristjan has been studying and working on machine learning projects for more than 5 years.

After acquiring a Master’s Degree in Computer Science & Machine Learning, he started working at Milrem Robotics as the Team Lead for Autonomous Vehicles, helping to build self-driving vehicles.
Kristjan also has experience in building intelligent systems for data centers, robots and electric formulas; and with computer vision and image recognition. He is especially fascinated by how people from different industries combining their knowledge with data science arrive at new insights and help to accelerate innovation.

markus lippus

Markus Lippus

Co-founder, Data Science Lead

markus lippus

Markus’ career started as a bioinformatician and he was soon drawn towards data science and developing machine learning projects. While acquiring his Master’s degree in Computer Science, he spent two years at STACC (Software Technology and Applications Competence Center) where he developed data analytics driven tools for personalized medicine applications. Markus also has experience with deep learning algorithms, natural language processing, and image recognition.

Robert Roosalu

Robert Roosalu

Co-founder, Data Science Lead

Robert Roosalu

Robert’s background in physics and software engineering, coupled with his love for analytical thinking led him to become a Data Scientist in the research lab for STACC (Software Technology and Applications Competence Center). There, his work focused on implementing machine learning methods to mine patterns from national medical records. Robert also holds a Master’s degree in Computer Science & Machine Learning and he’s exceptionally well-versed in classical machine learning methods. Robert enjoys working in the field of AI due to the incredible pace at which the impossible becomes possible.

sander tars

Sander Tars

Data Scientist

sander tars

Sander is balancing his time between two things: working as a Data Scientist at MindTitan and completing his MS in Computer Science. He has previously worked on bioinformatics and neural machine translation, which made him highly skilled in natural language processing and developing neural networks. Sander is also a firm believer that data always contains more insights and value than one might guess on the first look.

kaimar seljamae

Kaimar Seljamäe

Data Engineer

kaimar seljamae

Kaimar has 15+ years of experience in various software development projects, his strong suites being database design and SQL. Among others, Kaimar has worked for Tieto and the Estonian Center of Registers and Information Systems. He also holds the Informatics Masters degree from Tallinn University of Technology. In MindTitan, Kaimar’s responsible fo the smooth operations of our data pipelines and deployment, among other things. Kaimar likes to come up with surprisingly simple and elegant solutions to software problems other considered almost unsolvable.

Our locations

We are located in Tallinn, one of Europe’s most vivid startup and tech scenes.


New York, US

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