Developing an AI Chatbot for Telecom Customer Services

Markus Lippus | 30. September 2018

Over a year ago, MindTitan started the collaboration with Elisa to develop a artificial intelligence chatbot for customer service automation. Today, this chatbot is already serving Elisa’s customers in the online self-service environment.

In the future, the chatbot will assist the company’s customers in finding answers across the whole Elisa website.

Today, the Elisa chatbot is replying to customer queries in Elisa’s online self-service environment. Named Annika, it starts the conversation with a customer by introducing itself and can provide answers on various topics, from bills to roaming Internet solutions.

For instance, these types of chatbots are familiar with all price plans used by Elisa’s customers and if a person wants to travel, they can indicate the roaming services already included in the price plan and mention those that will cost extra abroad.

Concept for Elisa’s customer service AI chatbot

The collaboration between Elisa and MindTitan has grown in three different AI development directions. Together, we’re working on a customer service chatbot, personal identification based on facial recognition and several machine-learning models aimed at improving the Internet usage experience.

“Together with Elisa, we have discovered many great AI-based solutions to smaller and larger problems. Our cooperation is an excellent example of how a company with already established work processes is staying modern and plans for the future with innovations.”

– Kristjan Jansons, CEO at MindTitan

Mailiis Ploomann, Head of Telecom Services at Elisa: “ Elisa has been actively using machine learning/AI capabilities for development of smart services and customer service. Artificial intelligence is one of the most important fields in our progress for the foreseeable future. It helps the rapidly evolving telecom sector to adjust to the constantly changing and challenging consumer demands.”

“We see machine learning as an important boost to company efficiency and customer experience improvement through all our services and products.”

– Mailiis Ploomann, Head of Telecom Services at Elisa

At MindTitan, we believe that many companies hold the potential to include AI in their products and services. You just have to be really curious and smart about how you collect and use your data.

If you’re interested in learning more about artificial intelligence in various industries, check out our case studies.

Markus Lippus

Markus Lippus

Co-founder, Data Science Lead

Markus Lippus

Markus’ career started as a bioinformatician and he was soon drawn towards data science and developing machine learning projects. While acquiring his Master’s degree in Computer Science, he spent two years at STACC (Software Technology and Applications Competence Center) where he developed data analytics driven tools for personalized medicine applications. Markus also has experience with deep learning algorithms, natural language processing, and image recognition.