Data Engineer

Build data pipelines to train machine learning models while helping companies to step into the future.


We’re looking for a data engineer to join our team. This could be you.


Job requirements:

We’d like you to have Python and SQL skills and be familiar with machine learning algorithms. Also, we’re looking for someone who’s both comfortable working in a team and completing tasks independently.


What you'll be doing:

Your job will revolve around building data pipelines to train machine learning models and automating the process of deploying/updating ML models. For example:

  • writing software for gathering / labeling data
  • writing pipelines for extracting, transforming, loading data
  • deploying machine learning models into data pipelines, APIs

In return, we’re offering you a table at the co-working space LIFT99, a good team vibe (there are currently four of us), and competitive salary.


About MindTitan

MindTitan is specialized in helping businesses to recognize the full potential of AI and machine learning and build AI-powered solutions.  We’ve worked with companies like Elisa and Cleveron to help them with machine learning projects.

All MindTitan’s team members have a background in data science and machine learning, so that we’re always able to support each other in various projects and accelerate everyone’s learning curve.


How to apply?

To apply for the job, please send your CV and brief introduction at