Data Scientist

We’re MindTitan, a team of artificial intelligence aficionados helping companies do wonders with their business data.

This involves building terabyte-scale intelligent systems for companies across Europe and North America.

Our goal? – To become the leading machine learning powerhouse in the world.



We’re looking for an experienced data scientist to join our team.

💡 This is a great opportunity to acquire world-class data science skills while working on interesting projects.


What you'll be doing:

You’ll be working with our team of machine learning experts on a wide set of projects and data sets.

Your job will revolve around working with different kinds of data from various industries and finding methods to solve new problems.

This includes:

  • A lot of of feature engineering
  • Training models, both classical and state of the art. For example, a quick random forest on some tabular data or a finely tuned LSTM on timeseries data and anything in between
  • Data exploration and preparation



You’ll be immersed in the world of applied AI and data science, where you can develop your craft at the speed of light.

We'll motivate you with:

  • A lot of freedom to choose the tools and methods to get the job done.
  • Highly varying projects – you won't be stuck on a single project for 3-5 years.
  • Startup-style fun working environment at the LIFT99 co-working space in Telliskivi Creative City.
  • Team retreats once a year.
  • Remote work options as long as you're reachable.
  • Competitive salary that makes you happy.
  • 28 paid vacation days every year. 



  • Experience in the Python machine learning and data science stack
  • 2+ years practical experience working in the data science domain
  • Get-things-done attitude

Yeah... That's it. 

Don't worry too much whether you qualify for the job. The best way to find out is to apply and come in for an interview. 😉


How to apply?

To apply for the job, please send your CV and brief introduction at team@mindtitan.com.