How to change your customer support to make AI really solve your clients' issues

10.09 at 13:30 CET

Register to our webinar and find out which organizational transformations and technologies are required for a successful AI project in customer support. We’ll use the example of Elisa, a telecom company that automates customer service with AI-powered inbound calls and chats.

Our long-term partner Elisa will share their insights into the business process transformations needed for AI success in customer support automation.

Our co-founder Markus Lippus will share our unique approach to the data science of call and chat automation based on company-specific speech recognition and natural language processing models. These models allow AI to really solve the customer’s issues without any human intervention.

During the webinar, you will find out:

  • What organizational transformations are required for successful AI projects
  • Who do you need for the project success
  • What is a company-specific NLP model and how does it impact the quality of the model
  • How is it possible to automate customer support with AI-powered inbound calls and chats

Webinar’s speakers:

  • Mailiis Ploomann

    Head of Telecom Services at Elisa Estonia

  • Markus Lippus

    Co-founder, Data Science Lead at MindTitan


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