How to change your customer support to make AI really solve your clients’ issues

In a new webinar, Mailiis Ploomann, Head of Telecom services at Elisa, and Markus Lippus, Data Science Lead and co-founder of MindTitan, explained why automating customer support with AI-powered chatbots & callbots matters and how to do it. They presented the results of their case study and gave a glimpse into the tech side of the topic.

Webinar highlights

The subject of the webinar is currently relevant because companies that have about 4 million users experience around 1 million inbound contacts per month. These contacts need to be serviced by more than 200 customer support representatives. Average waiting time for customers in this case is approximately 2.4 minutes, whereas the abandon rate is at 15%. This can lead to 2% of lost sales opportunities. Moreover, customers expect an immediate response and about 66% of them consider switching their service provider if they have been left waiting longer than expected.

Questions discussed:

  • How Elisa decreased their abandoned call rate from 65% in 2018 to 9% in 2020
  • Call automation: What Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) is and what kind of data is required to build such a system
  • Differences between chatbots and callbots
  • Additional capabilities of artificial intelligence

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