AI & Machine Learning Solutions in Aviation & Airlines

The aviation industry leaps forward with artificial intelligence

MindTitan builds and delivers several machine learning models for the aviation and airline industry. As a airlines deploys artificial intelligence solution, outputs from one model become inputs for another.

Fleet & Operations

Anticipate delays using historical and real time data, and stay one step ahead of delays.
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Short description: Flight patterns can change depending on several factors. Smart flight routes reduce operational expenses and keep customers happy.
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Take control of workforce expenses by accurately managing labor with demand.
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Optimize customer service

MindTitan’s ChatBot, CallBot, EmailBot, CallAnalyzer, and more, adapted to the needs of the airline industry.
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Your customers talk about you on social media. Understand what they’re saying and what it means to your airline.
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Predict when & why customers might contact you. Use automation tools to encourage self service or provide immediate solutions.
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Sales & revenue

Fill seats while optimizing for profits.
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Give customers airfare offers that they can’t refuse.
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Use artificial intelligence to determine the optimal inventory for all sales channels.
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Case Study: AI in Customer Experience & Telecommunications
Kristjan Jansons 5. January 2019


Mailiis Ploomann,

Head of Telecom Services, Elisa

“MindTitan has been Elisa’s partner in developing several AI-powered solutions. What we value most about MindTitan is their enthusiasm about bringing maximum business value for Elisa by using the full potential of our data. From consultation to the presentation of a completed solution, the team always delivers on promises.”

cleveron logo



“Cleveron’s team partnered with MindTitan to make our robots even smarter. Their team has shown a lot of resilience and energy in working with our data to turn ideas into useful applications. We recommend MindTitan to anyone across the world looking to improve their products with machine learning and AI.”

Marten Kaevats,

National Digital Advisor, Republic of Estonia Government

“MindTitan is involved in shaping the long-term strategy for Estonia, giving an expert opinion about AI capabilities and possibilities for multiple public sector organizations and being a partner for developing the defined AI use cases.”

meetfrank logo

Kaarel Holm,

CEO & Co-Founder, MeetFrank

“Guys at MindTitan have helped us enhance MeetFrank’s algorithms and automate a bunch of manual work, taking the product to another level.

We’re definitely seeing this as a long-term partnership, where we constantly explore ways to use different machine learning techniques so that MeetFrank would do things no one else does in the hiring space.”

Mariana Hagström,

CEO & Co-Founder, Avokaado

“We turned to MindTitan to create a data flywheel – the more data add, the better our product becomes.  In our case, the more contracts the Avokaado platform processes, the more automagical the process of drawing up and structuring contracts becomes.”

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