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We are specialized in making custom machine learning solutions for businesses and public institutions. From business intelligence to AI-powered applications, we're looking to empower companies with innovative solutions. Take a look at what we can do.



Text Analysis


AI-enabled text analysis can be applied to:

  • Automating or enhancing your customer service

  • Analyzing and organizing large quantities of emails

  • Automating the filtering and categorization of messages


Image Recognition


AI-powered image recognition can help to:

  • Automatically detect objects from images and scenes

  • Identify people and faces from images

  • Automate personal identification and age control

  • Automate quality assurance and identify faulty products


Anomaly Detection


AI-enabled anomaly Detection helps to:

  • Notice anomalies in business processes

  • Detect production issues early on

  • Notice weak links in your production line and improve them

  • Enhance security with AI-monitored live video


Self-Learning Systems


AI enables Self-Learning Systems such as:

  • Continuously improving products and apps

  • Completely automated chatbots

  • Multivariate website testing


Process Analysis


AI-powered Process Analysis enables

  • Business process optimization

  • Churn prediction

  • Making better decisions with next step prediction

  • Model discovery via pattern recognition


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